Birmingham Public Library Board Minutes


March 9, 2021

4:30 p.m.

Zoom Teleconference

Meeting Called By

Eunice Johnson Rogers, President

Type of Meeting

Regular Board Meeting


Trustees:Fatima Carter, Willie Davis III, Judge Scott Vowell, Lynn Flowers-Martin, Sherri Nielson, Mona Lisa Morris, Kimberley Richardson, James Sullivan
Staff Present: Janine Langston, Interim Director; Damein Baity, Chief Financial Officer; Karyn Davis-West, Regional Manager; Bessie Miller, Regional Manager; Jamilah Woods, Interim Personnel Officer; Caleb West, Collection Manager; Richard Manoske, Interim IT Director; Roy Williams, PR Director; Candice Hardy, Outreach Librarian; Catherine Frey, Director of Development; Kimberley Wiley, Administration Office
Others Present: Malera Wright, Assistant City Attorney; Judge Jameria Moore, Judge Agnes Chappell

Call To Order

Public Voices


Swearing in of Officers


Annual Report

Janine Langston presented the 2019-2020 Annual Report.

Approval of Consent Agenda

Approval of the Consent Agenda: Approval

All items designated as “consent” are considered to be routine and non-controversial and will be approved by one motion.

Terry Oglesby, City Architect

No Report

Malera Wright, Assistant City Attorney

It is recommended the worker’s compensation claim from a BPL staff member for an incident occurring on December 31, 2020 be denied.

Operational Items Requiring Board Approval

Damein Baity, Finance Report

Damein Baity, Chief Financial Officer, presented the financial report to the board.

Reports of the Committees

Advocacy, Fundraising & Development Committee

Janine Langston reported on Library Giving Day, to take place during National Library Week in April. BPL is looking to host activities for staff. Friends Foundation will partner with BPL. There was discussion on the 12% budget reduction proposed by the City.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee reported on their meeting with the Auditors.

Unfinished Business


New Business

Interim Director's Report:

Janine Langston reported on several topics including:

Board Member's Comments


Next Board Meeting is Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Adjourned at 5:25 p.m.

Submitted By

Janine Langston, Interim Director