Public Summary of the February 9, 2021, Board Meeting Held Via Zoom Conference

Call to Order:
Board meeting was called to order by President Eunice Johnson Rogers at 4:30 p.m. Roll Call: President Eunice Johnson Rogers Invocation: Lynn Flowers-Martin provided the Invocation.

Board Attendance 1. Eunice Johnson Rogers Chairman Present/Phone 2. Fatima Carter Trustee Present/Zoom 3 Willie Davis III Vice President Present/Zoom 4. Judge Scott Vowell Trustee Present/Zoom 5. Mona Lisa Morris Trustee Present/Zoom 6. Lynn Flowers-Martin Trustee Present/Zoom 7. Sherri Nielson Trustee Present/Zoom 8. Kimberly Richardson Trustee Present/Zoom 9. James Sullivan Trustee Present/Zoom 10. Jamal McCaskey Advisory Absent 11. Malera Wright Assistant City Attorney Present/Zoom

Library & City Staff Attendance 1. Janine Langston Interim Executive Director Present/Zoom 2. Damein Baity Chief Financial Officer Present/Zoom 3. Catherine Frey Director of Development Present/Zoom 4. Kimberley Wiley Administration Office Present/Zoom 5. Jamilah Muhammad Interim Personnel Officer Present/Zoom 6 Karyn Davis-West Regional Manager Present/Zoom 7. Bessie Miller Regional Manager Present/Zoom 8. Roy Williams Director of Public Relations Present/Zoom 9. Richard Manoske IMS Administrator Present/Zoom 10. Terry Oglesby City Architect (COB) Absent

Public Voices: None

Presentations: Wylam Branch Library Virtual Dedication

Approval of Agenda: Approval

Approval of the Consent Agenda: Approval

Terry Ogleby, City Architect: No Report Malera Wright, City Attorney: No Report

Operating Items Requiring Board approval: None

Motion to approve Finance Report: Approval

Reports of Committee:

Nominating Committee: Approval

Motion to accept the nomination by acclimation for president and vice president of the Birmingham Public Library Board: Approval

Advocacy, Fundraising & Development Committee: Approval

Finance Committee: Approval

Unfinished Business: Approval

Eunice Johnson Rogers stressed a reminder to the Board: we signed board pledge forms early in 2020. Going into 2021 if you have not met your 2020 commitment please do so at your earliest convenience.

New Business: Approval Janine Langston proposed moving the submission of the annual report to the March 9th 2021 meeting due to unforeseen circumstances.

Janine Langston proposed expanding the current in-person service hours at the branches to 9-4 beginning Monday Feb 22, 2021. Curbside service will remain. Eunice Johnson Rogers called for a motion.

Interim Directors Reports: Approval

Janine Langston, Interim Director, asked Damein Baity to give an update on library vehicles.

Janine Langston shared several highlights including:

Board Member’s Comments: Presented

Next Board Meeting: March 9, 2021 at 4:30pm

Adjournment: 5:27 p.m.