Public Summary of the January 12, 2021, Birmingham Public Library (BPL) Board Meeting of Trustees Meeting Held via Zoom Conference.

Call to Order: Board meeting was called to order by President Eunice Johnson Rogers at 4:31 p.m.

Roll Call: President Eunice Johnson Rogers

Invocation: Lynn Flowers-Martin provided the Invocation.

Board Attendance

1. Eunice Johnson Rogers Chairman Present/Zoom

2. Fatima Carter Trustee Present/Zoom

3. Judge Scott Vowell Trustee Present/Zoom

4. Mona Lisa Morris Trustee Present/Zoom

5. Lynn Flowers-Martin Trustee Present/Zoom

6. Sherri Nielson Trustee Present/Zoom

7. Kimberly Richardson Trustee Present/Zoom

8. James Sullivan Trustee Present/Zoom

9. Jamal McCaskey Advisory Present/Zoom

10. Malera Wright Assistant City Attorney Present/Zoom

Library & City Staff Attendance

1. Janine Langston Interim Executive Director Present/Zoom

2. Damein Baity Chief Financial Officer Present/Zoom

3. Catherine Frey Director of Development Present/Zoom

4. Kimberley Wiley Administration Office Present/Zoom

5. Jamilah Muhammad Interim Personnel Officer Present/Zoom

6. Karyn Davis-West Regional Manager Present/Zoom

7. Bessie Miller Regional Manager Present/Zoom

8. Roy Williams Director of Public Relations Present/Zoom

9. Richard Manoske IMS Administrator Present/Zoom

10. Terry Oglesby City Architect (COB) Absent

Public Voices:



Jamilah Muhammand discussed the return of furloughed full-time staff and part-time staff.

Ka'ryn Davis-West presented information and updates on public service for all BPL locations. The December Statistics Info graph flyer was featured.

Candice Hardy presented information on BPL programming and updates on the Library Bookmobile. Hardy presented information on the following programs and initiatives:

Richard Manoske discussed the adjustments the IT department is making at all BPL locations to meet the needs for curbside service and in-person service. The IT Department is working to install 6 additional wireless access points in the Linn Henley and the East Building Library. The equipment was purchased with grant funding.

Approval of Agenda with the addition of a report from the Finance Committee to be added to item number X. of the agenda. Approval

Approval of the Consent Agenda: Approval

Terry Ogleby, City Architect: No Report

Malera Wright, City Attorney:

Malera Wright, City Attorney discussed the 2 legal issues concerning the Birmingham Public Library.

Operating Items Requiring Board approval: None

Finance Report: Approval

Reports of Committee:

Personnel Committee: Approval

Advocacy Committee: Approval

Finance Committee:

Policies, Procedurs & By-Laws Committee: Approval

Unfinished Business: Approval

Janine Langston shared information regarding the Trustee Training Requirements per APLS. "Short Takes for Trustees" is a series of short instructional videos. Training must be completed by December 31, 2021.

Janine Langston recommended scheduling a dedication program for the Wylam Branch Library on February 9, 2021 prior to the scheduled Board Meeting. The program may be virtual or in-person based on status of Covid-19.

New Business:

Eunice Johnson Rogers stated according to the by-laws the February Board meeting will be the Annual Board Meeting. This will also be the time for election of officers. Lynn Flowers-Martin will serve as chair of the Nominating Committee. Committee members are James Sullivan and Fatima Carter.

Approval of the proposed Holiday Schedule: Approval

Approval of the Vacation Rollover hours for Janine Langston and Karyn Davis-West to be adjusted until March 31, 2021: Approval

Approval of the 2021 Library Board meeting calendar: Approval

Interim Director’s Reports: Approval

Janine Langston, Interim Director, thanked the Friends Foundation for the generous donation to the Collections Budget for BPL and the gift cards presented to returning furloughed employees.

Janine Langston shared several highlights from December 2020 including:

Langston concluded with expressing appreciation to fellow co-workers and the Board of Trustees.

Board Member Comments: Presented

Next Board Meeting: February 9, 2021 at 4:30 p.m.

Adjournment: 5:38 p.m.