Public Summary of the July 14, 2020 Board of Trustees Meeting held via Zoom Conference

Call to Order: Board meeting was called to order by President Eunice Johnson Rogers at 4:34 p.m.

Roll Call: President, Eunice Johnson Rogers

Board Attendance

1. Eunice Johnson Rogers Chairman Present

2. Fatima Carter Trustee Present

3. Judge Scott Vowell Trustee Present

4. Mona Lisa Morris Trustee Present

5. Lynn Flowers-Martin Trustee Present

6. Sherri Nielson Trustee Present

7. Kimberly Richardson Trustee Present

8. James Sullivan Trustee Present

9 Jamal McCaskey Advisory Present

10 Malera Wright Assistant City Attorney Present

Library & City Staff Attendance

1. Floyd Council Executive Director Present

2. Janine Langston Deputy Director Present

3. Damein Baity Chief Financial Officer Present

4. Edith Major Personnel Officer Absent

5. Jamilah Muhammad HR Technician Present

6 Karyn Davis-West Regional Manager Present

7. Bessie Miller Regional Manager Present

8. Yolanda Hardy Regional Manager Present

9. Roy Williams Director of Public Relations Present

10. Catherine Frey Director of Library Development Present

11. Richard Monaske IMS Administrator Present

12 Terry Oglesby City Architect (COB) Present

13 Kimberly Wiley Library Clerk Present

Public Voices: None


Overdrive Partnership with Birmingham City Schools: Bessie Miller, Regional Library Manager discussed the details of the Overdrive partnership with Birmingham City Schools.

· Birmingham City Schools student’s login will be used for their students to login to gain access to the Library’s Overdrive site.

· Summer Reading books for K-12 reading list have been purchased through Overdrive for Birmingham City schools to be used from home.

· Hot topic books have been purchased with grants for teachers to use for fall for Virtual learning for students through Overdrive.

· All 22,000 students will have access to Overdrive using their Birmingham City Schools login.

BPL Communications Plan: Roy Williams, Director of Public Relations presented on the 2020- 2021 Public Relations Plan with an overview of communication goals and plans to Implement a post-COVID-19 Communications Plan, as approved by the Executive Director. The plan will serve as a work tool to accomplish operational goals until the end of the 2021 strategic plan year.

Approval of Agenda: Approval

· Kimberly Richardson motioned to accept the Agenda as presented.

· Fatima Carter seconded the motion

· The Board responded unanimously in favor to approve the motion.

· Eunice Johnson Rogers confirmed that the Agenda was approved as printed.

Approval of the Consent Agenda: Approval

· Kimberly Richardson motioned to accept the Agenda as presented.

· Sherri Nielson seconded the motion.

· The Board responded unanimously in favor to approve the motion.

· Eunice Johnson Rogers confirmed that the Consent Agenda was approved as printed.

Terry Oglesby, City Architect:

Terry Olgesby discussed the following pending projects with interactive Q&A with Library Trustees and staff:

· Central East Monumental Stairs Project is completed and the contractors are completing the final cleanup of the surrounding areas of the library and parking lot.

· Central Carpet Replacement is completed.

· Hicks and Associates has been contracted to evaluate the Central Skylight and Crosswalk. Additional consultation has been planned to see how these repairs can be made to clear up all the leaks.

Kimberly Richardson asked if a time could be scheduled for members of the Board to tour Central East Library Monumental Stairs completed project.

Floyd Council, Executive Director Informed the board that a tour time would be coordinated for each board member.

Malera Wright, City Attorney: No report

Operating Items Requiring Board approval: None

Reports of Committee:

Finance Report:

Motion to approve Finance Report:

· Damein Baity, Chief Financial Officer, presented the financial report to the board.

· Willie S. Davis III Motioned to accept the financial report.

· Judge Scott Vowell seconded the motion.

· The Board responded unanimously in favor of the motion to accept.

· Eunice Johnson Rogers confirmed that the motion carried.

Long Range Committee:

Kimberly Richardson presented a short update from conference at the Long-Range- Planning Committee meeting held on July 13, 2020:

· Three years of circulation data was reviewed by Committee Trustees

· Staff were tasked to develop a recommendation that will be presented to the committee in July.

· Committee and the full board were provided a staff complied data package for review.

· Committee will review the final staff recommendation by the next Long-Range-Planning meeting which is scheduled for August 3, 2020.

Unfinished Business:

Library Reopening

COVID-19 Recovery Plan: Floyd Council, Executive Director presented short updates on the recovery plan. The Board and staff engaged interactive discussion about future plans. Mr. Council offered the following information in summary:

· There has been an increase in numbers in staff COVID-19 interactions.

· The numbers for COVID -19 have gone in reverse in Jefferson County.

· The has implemented a staggered schedule at 50% per day to limit exposure of staff.

· No recommendation for reopening is proposed.

Janine Langston, Deputy Director presented short updates about COVID-19 Re-opening Plan and Curbside service updates and adjusted library hours:

· Staff have been following curbside protocol and no problems have been reported.

· PPE equipment has been implemented for Curbside service.

· Officers or located at locations that are providing curbside service.

· No recommendation for reopening is proposed.

Sherri Nielson inquired about the protocols taken concerning Springville Road Library and engaged multiple general questions about city protocol and asked Mr. Council’s opinion.

Floyd Council, Executive Director shared and explained the current protocols responsively and there was interactive Board discussion.

Eunice Johnson Rogers, proposed for the Policies, Procedures, and Bylaws Committee, chaired by Judge Scott Vowell to meet to review the City COVID protocol, and determine if additional Library Board Policy and response is needed.

New Business:

Floyd Council, Executive Director announced Edith Major, Personnel Officer will be retiring August 14, 2020 from Birmingham Public library. The position will be posted for hiring.

Floyd Council, Executive Director presented to the Board the updates concerning the review of the Information Technology Director’s position. The position is being reviewed by the City’s legal and HR departments.

Jamal McCaskey, Friends Foundation President presented a proposal for the Friends to host a Teen Youth Booksale. Mrs. Council recommended that an online book-sale be hosted in the interest of safety since the library system is still not opened to the public.

Eunice Johnson Rogers discussed monthly committee schedules and changes to the committees:

· Advocacy, Fundraising &Development Committee:

Chair: James A. Sullivan: Monthly Meeting Time: First Tuesday of the month at 4:30 p.m.

· Long Range Planning Committee

Chair: Kimberly Richardson

· Personnel Committee

Chair: Fatima Carter Monthly Meeting time: Fourth Thursday of the month at 5:30 p.m.

· Finance Committee

Chair: Mona Lisa Morris Monthly Meeting time: Pending

· Policy, Procedures, & By-Laws Committee

Chair: Judge Scott Vowell Monthly Meeting time: Pending

· Ad Hoc Committee

Chair: James Sullivan Lynn Flowers Martin

Monthly Meeting time: Pending

Directors Reports: Presented supplemental to published report in summary

Board Member’s Comments: Presented

Next Board Meeting: July 14, 2020 at 4:33pm

Adjournment: 6:33 p.m.