Birmingham Public Library Board Minutes


October 8, 2019

4:30 p.m.

Central Library Boardroom

Meeting Called By

James A. Sullivan, President

Type of Meeting

Regular Board Meeting


Trustees:Willie S. Davis III, James Sullivan,Judge Scott Vowell, Patricia B. Rumore, Kimberly Richardson ,Fatima Carter , Lynn Flowers-Martin
Trustees Not Present: Sherri Nielson, Eunice Johnson Rogers, Mona Lisa Morris Staff Present: Floyd Council, Executive Director; Chief Financial Officer; Damein Baity, Karyn Davis-West, Central Manager; Janine Langston, Southwest Regional Manager; Kimberley Wiley, Edith Major, Personnel Officer
Others Present: Malera Wright, Assistant City Attorney; Terry Oglesby, Bessie Miller, Senator Linda Coleman-Madison

Call To Order


No presentations

Public Voices

Senator Linda Coleman-Madison presented checks to the following Libraries:

Ensley Library - $1,000.00

Pratt City Library -$1,000.00

North Birmingham Library - $2,000.00

Inglenook Library- $1,000.00

Springville Library- $1,000.00

Mr. Council thanked Senator Linda Coleman-Madison for her support to Birmingham Public Library.

James A. Sullivan thanked Senator Linda Coleman-Madison for her support from the city and the state of Alabama.

Senator Linda Coleman-Madison stated if there is anything she can do for the Library for programs for the students or the library to please keep her informed.

Kimberly Richardson thanked Senator Linda Coleman-Madison for the funds she gave to Birmingham Public Library and asked Senator Linda Coleman-Madison is there a particular time of year to reach out for support for the library.

Senator Linda Coleman-Madison stated right now is the time to reach out to your legislators for assistance.

Bessie Miller stated the library is in compliance in regards to 3rd grade testing with Birmingham City School for testing.

Bessie Miller discussed several programs:

Co -Teaching – 2 to 3 days a week at the following schools:

Bessie Miller also discussed how she met with DYS and came up with the ideal to change the spine of the Reader books to match the children’s books at their schools. Bessie Miller explained changing the spines would help the students and parents better provide the children with the correct reading resources.

Bessie Miller discussed the new system for getting the students to and from the library and how successful the process has been for the children and the staff.Bessie Miller discussed an event that would take place on January 18, 2019, where the library will partner with Patrick Oliver to start a program with boys for early literacy.

Bessie Miller stated the program is called Growing Kings. The program will do a walk through at the Civil Rights Institute.

Kimberly Richardson asked will the program be an all-day program or a half day program for the boys that will be participating in the Growing Kings the program.

Mr. Council stated the program will help build early literacy for the boy’s starts in the early grades but the library is working on other things.

James A. Sullivan thanked Bessie Miller for everything.

Karyn Davis-West discussed the BPL Newsletter and how it gets little or no use from our patrons based on the statics.Karyn Davis-West proposed to the Board the newsletter is quarterly instead of weekly. Karyn Davis-West stated the issue with doing a weekly meeting it’s hard to get the newsletter out every Friday since so much that goes into the newsletter. Karyn Davis-West stated Roy Williams does several blogs and the information will still get to the public.

Mr. Council presented an example of a quarterly newsletter from New York that gives a breakdown of everything, but the newsletter would be quarterly. Mr. Council stated when events are done people need to know about the events before events not after.Mr. Council stated if we can slowly pull back on publication we will still get the information out to patrons by blog and Facebook.

James A. Sullivan stated it was good idea but what was used to get the projected statistics and how would the Library make the patrons aware of the changes to the newsletter.

Approval of Agenda

Judge Vowell motioned to approve the Agenda and it was approved.

Approval of Consent Agenda

Kimberly Richardson motioned to accept the Consent Agenda and it was seconded by Judge Vowell and it was approved.

Terry Oglesby

Terry Olgesby stated there were no real problems with the Central Monumental Project but a few electrical issues.

Terry Olgesby discussed the Wylam Project is 65% done and progressing well and everything is on its projected schedule.

Terry Olgesby stated the VOIP project was bided at a much higher price than expected. Terry Olgesby stated he was going to need some direction from the Board on how to proceed.Terry Olgesby stated Mr. Council suggested going in phases with the VOIP project.

James A. Sullivan asked was everything on schedule for the Wylam Project and Central Monumental Project.

Judge Vowell asked Terry Olgesby what he needed from the Board.

Lynn Flowers- Martin asked which building was the East Building.

Damein Baity stated going in phases would be something to consider if funding would be available through the E-rate Program for next year.

Judge Vowell asked would there be a problem if we did the project in phases with the systems communicating.

Damein Baity asked can the VOIP system be discussed at the next board meeting.

James Sullivan and Fatima Cater stated we can discuss the VOIP system the next board meeting.

Attorney Malera Wright, City Attorney

No New Business

Operational Items Requiring Board Approval

Finance Reports

Chief Financial Officer Damein Baity presented the financial report. Judge Vowell seconded the Financial Report.

Reports of the Committees

Advocacy Committee

Willie Davis III discussed:

• A Signature Event (Actual date planned)
• To have a target fundraising goal.
• Recommended Advocacy Committee and Friends Foundation have meetings to
• Recommended putting together Development Guidelines.
• Recommend Pat Rumor doing a quarterly report when requested for AdvocacyCommittee.
• Recommend drafting a MOU by the spring.
• Recommended putting together a Continuity Calendar.

Attorney Malera Wright, City Attorney asked what will the MOU focus on?

Mr. Council stated the MOU will work on the establish the Friends Foundation and the library as one itinerary.

Mr. Council stated that Pat Rumore and he have a few drafting ideal for the MOU.

Fatima Carter stated a MOU was previously in the process for the library and the Friends Foundation.

Mr. Council stated they will have them drafted before the beginning of the year.

Unfinished Business

Willie Davis III discussed the meeting room fees and the updates that were made and need to be completed about the meeting room fees.

Mr. Council stated that the updates for the fees have been made. Mr. Council stated a Policy Meeting will be set to discuss further action that needs taken concerning the Meeting Room Policies that management team proposed and set up the large event fees will be available the next board meeting.

New Business

Mr. Council stated that Birmingham Public Library had been nominated for four programs in Urban Councilors Innovators Board:

1. The Google Workshop
2. Bards and Brews
3. Ace Program
4. Teen Engineer Program

Director's Report

Mr. Council discussed briefly about Artificial Intelligence and digital Citizenship and the benefit of using artificial intelligence in the library system.

James A. Sullivan asked Karyn Davis- West is there any updates from the city about security.

Karyn Davis- West stated nothing had been updated about the change in security.

Fatima Carter asked could an update about security be presented at the next board meeting.

Karyn Davis- West discussed in detail about the break-in at Ensley Public Library.

Judge Vowell asked were we covered by insurance for the break in at Ensley Library.

Attorney Malera Wright, City Attorney stated the library was covered under the insurance for the break -in at Ensley Library.

Fatima Carter asked how the students were doing with adjustment at Central Library.

Bessie Miller stated we actually have an increase in students and everything was going well. Bessie Miller stated her staff take shifts from 3-6 to take the students back and forth. Bessie Miller thanked the bookstore for mini fridge for the Youth Department.

Pat Rumore stated she was glad to get a refrigerator for children.

Lynn Flowers-Martin stated she applauded Bessie Miller and her staff for all that they do for the students and she knows the parents thank them for all that they do as well.

Board Members' Comments

Fatima Cater stated that all the interviews for Deputy Director were completed and were being reviewed.

Lynn Flowers-Martin stated she visited East Ensley Library and was very impressed by the count of people who come to that library that staff mentioned.

Next Board Meeting is Tuesday December 10, 2019

Submitted By

Floyd Council, Secretary