Birmingham Public Library Board Minutes


August 13, 2019

4:30 p.m.

Springville Road Library

Meeting Called By

James A. Sullivan, President

Type of Meeting

Regular Board Meeting


Trustees:Willie S. Davis III, James Sullivan, Eunice Johnson Rogers, Lynn Flowers-Martin, Mona Lisa Morris, Patricia B. Rumore, Friends Foundation President, Kimberly Richardson, Fatima Carter
Members Not Present: Sherri Nielson, Judge Scott Vowell
Staff Present: Floyd Council, Executive Director; Chief Financial Officer; Damein Baity, Karyn Davis-West, Central Manager, Janine Langston, Southwest Regional Manager; Kimberley Wiley, Edith Major, Personnel Officer; Yolanda Hardy, Bessie Miller, Catlin Jackson, Caleb West, Kelly Powell
Others Present: Terry Oglesby, Gwendolyn B. Guster-Welch, Wes Taylor, Creig Hoskins, Nick Byrm

Call To Order


Bessie Miller gave a presentation on Birmingham Community Foundation.

Bessie Miller presented the statics for Teen Engineering Program.

Bessie Miller stated during the second grant cycle year we had 145 Summer Reading Programs.

Bessie Miller stated that we had several Library functions at Birmingham Park and Recreation, Birmingham City Schools and also with Community Organizations and several other organizations.

Bessie Miller informed the Board we had 45 percent participation from girls which was outstanding.

Bessie Miller stated we had 3,000 participants total for the Summer Reading Programs.

Bessie Miller informed the Board she is working with ALA to collaborate for grants that will fund more programs.

Caleb West informed us that the new eBook program would provide one eBook to the entire library the Jefferson County Libraries and he the new leasing policies.

Karyn Davis-West informed the Board of the up-coming changes for Security.

Karyn Davis –West gave an update on the Security update changes.

Karyn Davis-West stated that not all locations will have physical Security Guards. Security Guards at some locations will be replaced by security cameras.

Karyn Davis-West stated that the security officers will have radios that will give them direct contact with the police officers.

Karyn Davis- West stated the site Security Managers will not change for the Library locations.

Kelly Laney discussed the Springville Road library being used as a demonstration site for the Talking Book Service.

Kelly Laney stated that the intent is for you to have the equipment on hand so that you can show individuals who might qualify for our service how the equipment operates thereby encouraging them to apply for their own account.

Kelly Laney stated staff will also have access to our Braille and Audio Reading Download (BARD) service so that you can show a potential patron how to go to the National Library Service’s website, view the catalog, and then download a book to a computer or to a thumb drive that can be used with the player.

Public Voices

Gwendolyn B. Guster-Welch, former Board member gave a presentation. Gwendolyn B. Welch welcomed the Board to District 1 and thanked the Board for coming.

Approval of Agenda

James A. Sullivan motioned to approve the Agenda.

Approval of Consent Agenda

James A. Sullivan motioned to approve Consent Agenda approved.

Terry Oglesby

Terry Oglesby stated the Wylam project is 45 percent complete and everything is on schedule.

Terry Oglesby informed the Board the VOIP Project bids were much higher than expected and additional funding will be needed for project to be complete.

Terry Oglesby stated the Monumental Stairs project, purchase order was signed and ready for Pre-construction.

Attorney Malera Wright, City Attorney

No Business

Operational Items Requiring Board Approval

Finance Reports

Chief Financial Officer Damein Baity presented the financial report. Eunice Rogers motioned to approve the Financial Report and it was approved.

Reports of the Committees

Special Called Meeting

Creig Hoskins discussed the schedule and introduced Wes Taylor and his crew.

Wes Taylor discussed the basic list of the activities and the start date and end date.

Wes Taylor discussed the schedule of the activities that were critical and non-critical.

Wes Taylor explained in detail each floor and how and when the stairs are recommended to be completed.

Wes Taylor stated a Public and employee notification needs to be placed before construction.

Mr. Council proposed a Notice to proceed on the Monumental Stairs Project for September 16, 2019.

James A. Sullivan motioned to accept the proposal and Fatima Carter seconded.

Karyn Davis-West presented the Board with a list of concerns and she gave a presentation of her proposal of the East Building being closed and staff being placed at different branches.

Karyn Davis-West stated that departments will be temporarily reassigned within the Linn Henley building until after the Central monumental Stairs Project.

Mr. Council asked Terry Olgesby can we work on the VOIP project while working on the stairs.

Terry Olgesby stated we still have additional funding and things that need to be addressed concerning the VOIP project.

Judge Scott Vowell asked if the staff has been briefed of the upcoming changes during the Monumental Stairs Project.

Mr. Council stated Karyn Davis-West and staff has been having weekly meetings preparing for the Monumental Stairs Project.

Pat Rumore asked will the Book Store remain open because it is not operated by Library Staff but is operated by one manager and several volunteers.

Wes Taylor stated a partitioned wall can be built to give access to the bookstore.

Eunice Rogers asked how will the children have access to the Book Store and how will the Bookstore and have security if they will be working with the after school kids.

Mr. Council proposed closing library but keeping Bookstore open in the East Building.

James A. Sullivan motioned to accept the proposal and the Board accepted.

Mr. Council stated a ceremony needs to be put together for the Monumental Stairs Program.

Nick Byrm informed of the staff of the process he and his crew will be taking to get the Library ready for the Monumental Stairs Project.

Nick Byrm informed the Board of all the changes that will have to be in preparation of the Monumental Stairs Program.

Long Range Planning Committee Report

Phillip Willingham gave a presentation on the Website domain and the new email domain.

Phillip Willingham stated the email will remain active for 1 year to give staff time to contact people with email change.

Kimberly Richardson’s concern was for staff to be aware of the change and the financial side of the web change.

Unfinished Business

No unfinished business.

New Business

Mr. Council suggested Staff day be changed to October 24, 2019.

Mr. Council suggested the day for Staff Day be changed because the entire regional Manager’s will be on a Community Engagement Conference.

Mr. Council stated that the new members structure training start September 20, 2019.

James A. Sullivan asked Mr. Council about the Domain change.

Mr. Council stated the staff will have two email addresses. Mr. Council stated the reason for two email address is too give the staff access to the city email domain.

Board Members' Comments

Kimberly Richardson apologized for being late and gave thanks to staff for all the Summer Reading programs.

Mona Lisa Morris said kudos on all the summer Reading Programs and she thanked Springville Road for having the Board Meeting at Springville Road Library.

Fatima Carter thanked Springville Road Library for hosting the Board Meeting.

Eunice Roger thanked staff for everything they do and keep up the good work.

James A. Sullivan thanked the Staff and the Board for everything they do.

Next Board Meeting is Tuesday, September 10, 2019


James A. Sullivan adjourned the meeting.

Submitted By

Floyd Council, Secretary