Birmingham Public Library Board Minutes


April 12, 2019

4:30 p.m.

Central Library Boardroom

Meeting Called By

Willie S. Davis III, Vice President

Type of Meeting

Regular Board Meeting


Trustees: Gwendolyn Amamoo, Willie S. Davis III, Eunice Johnson Rogers, Judge Scott Vowell, Fatima Carter, Kimberly Richardson, Sherri Nielson
Not Present: Patricia B. Rumore, Friends Foundation President, James A. Sullivan
Staff: Floyd Council, Executive Director; Damein Baity, Chief Financial Officer, Karyn Davis-West, Central Manager; Yolanda Hardy, Northeast Regional Manager; (Acting in Capacity) Kimberley Wiley, Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director; Edith Major, Personnel Officer;
Others Present: Malera Wright, Assistant City Attorney; Iva Williams

Call to Order

Public Voices

Iva Williams spoke about the violence around the Titusville Library.


Gwendolyn Amamoo informed the Board about the homeless people that where standing in front of the building on Staff Day. Gwendolyn Amamoo donated her gift card she won at Staff Day (25.00 Wal-Mart Card) to the homeless and also made a donation to the homeless. Mrs. Amamoo wanted to make sure the donation is on the record.

Approval of Agenda

Willie S. Davis III motioned to approve the agenda and it was approved.

Approval of Consent Agenda

Willie S. Davis III motioned to approve the consent agenda. Sherri Nielson seconded the motion, and it was approved.

Terry Oglesby, City Architect

Terry Oglesby, City Architect was not present.

Mr. Council provided an update on the Wylam project and the Central Stairs project. The Wylam Library and Central Stairs are in the hands of the City of Birmingham’s Team. Mr. Council stated the Board requested to see the rendering of the adjusted drawing of the Central Library stairs but the architect will give us a copy when they have them available... The City of Birmingham projects both projects will be completed by the end of the calendar year. Mr. Council stated the commitment is still the same.

Sherri Neilson asked why were these projects presented in the budget reports if they will already approved.

Judge Scott Vowell asked were they going to blame us for the delay on the projects.

Mr. Council stated that this would not be a problem.

Malera Wright, Assistant City Attorney

There is no new Business.

Fatima Carter motioned to go to Executive Session and the motion was accepted. Fatima Carter stated we had a personal issue that came before the committee and we warrant no action will be taken and an email will be sent to that individual in reference to that complaint.

Sherri Nelson motioned and the motion was accepted.

Operational Items Requiring Board Approval

Finance Reports

Damein Baity presented the financial report to the Board. Kimberly Richardson motioned to accept the Financial Report and the report was accepted.

Reports of the Committees

Advocacy Committee

Kimberly Richardson presented the minutes from the Advocacy Committee Meeting.

Special Called Meeting of the Whole Meeting

Wylam Construction Project

Damein Baity introduced summary of the finance report and the revenue expenditures.

The board members reviewed the Wylam Construction Project. Board members presented feedback and approved with the conditions being met by the Board.

Mr. Council stated that we have to confirm construction day for Wylam by May 6, 2019 upon approval from the Board. There will be a program on Friday.

The money for the stairs is fully funded. The architect will have the finished rendering of the stairs by May 7, 2019.

Damein Baity introduced the summary of the finance report and the revenue expenditures.

Unfinished Business

Mr. Council asked the Board to accept his report as published. Mr. Council proposed a refreshment budget of 500.00 to be used from the hospitality funds for flowers and light refreshments for the unveiling of the plaques. Mr. Council proposed the budget to James A. Sullivan and Willie S. Davis III because the Board would not have a way to vote. Mr. Council asked the Board if they would reimburse the funds for the program.

Judge Scott Vowell motioned to approve the proposal and Fatima Carter seconded the proposal.

Mr. Council expressed great praise for a wonderful Staff Day.

Mr. Council stated that if it was the will of the Board we would have the next Board meeting at Five Post West and he would have a notice placed for the public to be aware of the change in location.

New Business

No new business.

Board Members' Comments

Fatima Carter thanked the staff for all their efforts and everything they do for her and the Birmingham Public Library.

Eunice Johnson Rogers thanked City Council for the wonderful program. Eunice Johnson Rogers stated, "The staff seemed to be enjoying Staff Day." Eunice Johnson Rogers told the Board, "Thank you and the staff for all you do because you truly represent BPL."

Gwendolyn Amamoo said Thank you and Staff Day was wonderful.

Willie S. Davis III stated that the music was really nice at Staff day and BPL has some really talented employees and he really enjoyed himself.


Willie S. Davis III adjourned.

Submitted By

Floyd Council, Secretary