Birmingham Public Library Board Minutes


January 8, 2019

4:30 p.m.

Central Library Boardroom

Meeting Called By

James A. Sullivan, President

Type of Meeting

Regular Board Meeting


Trustees:Fatima Carter, Willie S. Davis III, Kimberly Richardson, James Sullivan, Eunice Johnson Rogers, Judge Scott Vowell Advisory Member Present: Patricia B. Rumore, Friends Foundation President Staff Present: Floyd Council, Executive Director; Damien Baity, Chief Financial Officer; Karyn Davis-West, Central Manager; Yolands Hardy, Eastern/Southern Regional Manager; Acting Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director, Kimberley Wiley; Edith Major, Personnel Officer; Melvia Walton, Community Engagement; Caleb West, Collection Management; David Blake, Branch Manager (Pratt City) Others Present: Brooke Smedley, Abigal Shinder

Call To Order

Meeting called to order by President James Sullivan. Eunice Johnson Rogers provided invocation.


Abigal Shinder (Jefferson County Memorial Project, EGI). Ms. Shinder presented a project for the Pratt City Community. Kimberly Richardson, Chair of Long Rang-Range Planning Committee gave great praise to the work the Jefferson County Memorial Project brings to the community. Floyd Council, Director introduced David Blake, Branch Manager (Pratt City) to Abigal Shinder. Judge Scott Vowelll, Parliamentarian wanted to know who was providing the funding. James Sullivan, Board President asked was the project on hold until funding was available. Janine Langston, Regional Manager (Five Points West) and David Blake, Branch Manager (Pratt City) will be point of contact for the Pratt City project.

Public Voices

Brooke Smedley (President and CEO of NRS Community Development Federal Credit Union) patrons are invited to attend a Financial Conference, hosted at New Raising Star Church. Judge Scott Vowel, Parliamentarian asked where the conference would be hosted. James Sullivan, Board President asked if we had contact information. Mrs. Smedley expressed she had cards and flyers.

Approval of Agenda

Kimberly Richardson moved to approve the Agenda, seconded by Eunice Rodgers.

Approval of Consent Agenda

Eunice Johnson Rogers, Trustee moved to accept changes to the Consent Agenda. Kimberly Richardson, Trustee seconded the motion to accept the Consent Agenda and it was approved. The Nominating Committee was not added to the agenda.

Terry Oglesby, City Architect

The director reported Billy and Janine met with the contractors (pre bid meeting). The bid is scheduled to go out on January 15. Additional furniture is needed, will ask Neighborhood Association and Councilor Hilliard to assist with funding. Judge Vowell inquired about the completion date; the projected date of completion is the summer of 2019. Stairs require additional funding (charging for the redesign). The director will follow-up.

Attorney Malera Wright, City Attorney

There was no unfinished business.

Operational Items Requiring Board Approval

Finance Reports

Chief Financial Officer Damein Baity presented the financial report. Damien Baity informed the Board that he will be monitoring the general funds to ensure no funds will be pulled.

Reports of the Committees

There was no unfinished business.

Policy Committee

There was no unfinished business.

Special Called Meeting

There was no unfinished business.

Long-Range Planning Committee

There was no unfinished business.

Personnel Committee Report

There was no unfinished business.

Directors Report

Published; highlighted relevant areas; actively working with the team; transition is going well; met with the security staff (discussed funding for shoes, uniform with badge); there are security concerns throughout the system. Fatima Carter asked how we can handle the security concerns. Director, the security position will be posted for thirty days; the position will require all security officers to report to the Security Chief; contacting security firms; considering police officers ($25.00 per hr.); security radios have been upgraded; we have a great strategy, but require support; we didn’t receive funding from the city.

Nominating Committee

Kimberly Richardson motioned, James Sullivan would remain as President serving a two year term. Willie Davis Vice President serving a one year term. Moved by Eunice Rodgers and seconded by Fatamia Carter. Installation will be next month.

Unfinished Business

Kimberly Richardson mentioned the Meeting Room Policy, minutes will be pulled. The director stated “steps are being revisited; checking fees, and usage. New members need to be included in the decision.

Former Presidents Plaques –Kimberly Richardson phoned Mrs. Welch to inquire about a ceremony. Mrs. Welch informed her “in the pass there was an unveiling ceremony”. A sample of the plaque will be presented. The director stated “the funds for the plague might be pulled from library funds.

Board Members' Comments

James Sullivan - inquired about changing meeting dates.

Willie Davis - mentioned rotating the Board Meetings to Branches.Director - would the Board consider entertaining later in the week, mornings or later in the month?

Kimberly Richardson - suggested waiting until the next Board Meeting to vote, giving the location an opportunity to check the Meeting Room availability.

Suggested hosting the next meeting at Five Points West on March 12th.

Fatima Carter-welcomed Kim; programs for December were outstanding; did we recover the Van? Director stated “advised by investigating officer the van possibly will not be recovered. Judge Vowell asked was the van insured. director mentioned needed repairs for the gates.

Willie Davis - Health & Wellness Fair scheduled March 6th from 10:00 until 2:00 at Central. This is a joint effort with the Community Kitchen.

Kimberly Richardson - are we planning to include all request in the July 1 budget; in conversation with director regarding Yoga Classes; welcomed Kimberly Wiley.

Eunice Rodgers - welcomed Kimberly Wiley. Very appreciative of all the work the staff does; passport initiative mentioned in the New Orleans Newsletter.

Patricia Rumore - we have concluded our annual fund drive, doing potential planning for next year.

Judge Vowell - what is the 1.2.3 plan?

Next Board Meeting is Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Submitted By

Floyd Council, Secretary