Birmingham Public Library Board Minutes


December 11, 2018

4:30 p.m.

Central Library Boardroom

Meeting Called By

James A. Sullivan, President

Type of Meeting

Regular Board Meeting


Trustees: Gwendolyn Amamoo, Fatima Carter, Willie S. Davis III, Sherri Nielson, Kimberly Richardson, James Sullivan, Eunice Johnson Rogers, Judge Scott Vowell Trustee Not Present: Fatima Carter Advisory Member Present: Patricia B. Rumore, Friends Foundation President Staff Present: Floyd Council, Executive Director; Sandra Lee, Deputy Director; Damein Baity, Chief Financial Officer; Tobin Cataldo, Collection Management; Karyn Davis-West, Central Manager; Yolanda Hardy, Northeast Regional Manager; Janine Langston, Southwest Regional Manager; Kimberley Wiley, Acting Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director; Edith Major, Personnel Officer; Bessie Miller, Central Youth Manager; Melvia Walton, Community Engagement; Caleb West, Collection Management Others Present: Terry Oglesby, Malera Wright, Assistant City Attorney; Kay Kinnear, Retiree

Call To Order


Public Voices

Approval of Agenda

Approval of Consent Agenda

Terry Oglesby

Attorney Malera Wright, City Attorney

Operational Items Requiring Board Approval

Finance Reports

Reports of the Committees

Personnel Committee Report

New Business

Board Members' Comments

Next Board Meeting is Tuesday, January 8, 2019.

Submitted By

Floyd Council, Secretary