Birmingham Public Library Board Minutes


April 28, 2016

8:30 a.m.

Central Library First Floor Conference Room

Meeting Called By

Kimberly Richardson, President

Type of Meeting

Regular Board Meeting


Trustees: Kimberly Richardson, President; Georgia Morgan Blair, Vice President; Gwendolyn R. Amamoo, Parliamentarian; Willie S. Davis III; Patty A. Pilkerton; Eunice Johnson Rogers; Dora U. Sims; James A. Sullivan; The Honorable Scott Vowell; Gwendolyn B. Guster Welch
Trustee Not Present: James A. Sullivan
Advisory Board Member Present: Dr. Regina Ammon, President of the Friends of the Birmingham Public Library
Staff: Angela Fisher Hall, Director; Sandra Vick Lee, Deputy Director; Olivia Alison, Director of Development; Carrie Campbell, Grant Writer; Danny Dorroh, Business Office Manager; Tiffanie Jeter, Development Associate; Edith Major, Personnel Officer; Mary McCann, Administrative Assistant
Others Present: Hope Cooper, BPL Retiree; Mechelle Rice Fields, Birmingham City Schools Family Involvement Coordinator; Fred Fullerton, Chief Deputy, Law Department, City of Birmingham; Nicole King, City Attorney; Kay Kinnear, BPL Retiree

Call To Order

Public Voices

There were no public voices.


Mechelle Rice Fields, Birmingham City Schools Family Involvement Coordinator, presented a plaque from the Birmingham City Schools Student Support Services Family Involvement Program to the Birmingham Public Library Board in appreciation for the partnership and support to Birmingham City Schools families. BPL branches distributed a total of 256 Parent Planners during the partnership.

Approval of Agenda

Georgia Morgan Blair moved approval of the Consent Agenda, and it was seconded by Gwendolyn B. Guster Welch. It was approved.

Approval of Consent Agenda

Kimberly Richardson made additions to the March 2016 minutes. In the Operational Items, Richardson notes the group meeting with Georgia Morgan Blair, Judge Scott Vowell, Eunice Johnson Rogers, and Richardson herself was called based on the authorization that had been given in the prior month’s board meeting to complete the budget. In the minutes, it states there was not enough time for public notice, Richardson clarifies that it was not the intent to skirt the Open Meetings Law.

The minutes stated Richardson made a request to hold a training session with Barbara McGrue and Peggy Polk when she has not yet made the request. She will make the request. Richardson noted as a result of that discussion, she requested a Personnel Committee meeting to address the identified issues.

Judge Scott Vowell moved approval of the Consent Agenda with the changes, and it was seconded by Dora Sims. The motion was approved.

Terry Oglesby, City Architect

Terry Oglesby stated Public Works is working to get the elevators fixed. It has been requested that Kone Elevators and Escalators provide Angela Fisher Hall with a proposal that would include cost to replace the elevators. Oglesby contacted Otis Elevator Co. to ask for budget information, specifically the cost to replace the patron and freight elevators. Angela Fisher Hall has been sent the repair proposal from Otis, and the replacement proposal will be forthcoming.

Last Board meeting, Terry Oglesby mentioned the negotiation between the Birmingham Public Library and Trane Energy Savings Program. The city is in negotiation with Trane, and Oglesby provided this list of library locations projected to be included: Avondale, Central, Linn-Henley, East Ensley, East Lake, Ensley, Five Points West, Inglenook, North Avondale, North Birmingham, Pratt City, Smithfield, Southside, Springville Road, Titusville, West End, Powderly, and Woodlawn. The scopes of work are different for each one with the goal of making the buildings more energy efficient. Some of the locations will receive roofing, mechanical, plumbing, lighting, and electrical upgrades. Oglesby suggested that Hall speak with Andre Bittas and see if he is able to share the list and scopes of work with her.

Kimberly Richardson inquired about the timeframe for the Five Points West chiller repair since it was pulled off the agenda for the City Council meeting on April 24, 2016. Angela Fisher Hall stated Trane sent a tentative agenda with the work starting next week and completed by next Friday.

Kimberly Richardson shared a concern that when the escalators were taken out of service, more pressure was put on the elevators which were not made for high capacity. Terry Oglesby confirmed that the proposals will need to include the needs of the library, and the work performed on the elevators will not be an even exchange but an upgrade.

Judge Scott Vowell asked if the Board could do anything to assist in the repair of the elevators. Kimberly Richardson stated that the repairs were submitted with the request as a part of the budget proposal to the city, and she encouraged advocacy about this issue.

Gwendolyn Guster Welch shared a personnel concern since children arrive at the library after school and congregate in the stairwell. Welch requests of Angela Fisher Hall to ensure security is in place to monitor the stairwell.

Kimberly Richardson wants the staff to communicate to the patrons that the service elevators are still accessible despite public elevators being down.

Nicole King, City Attorney

Nicole King reported that the Memorandum of Understanding from the Advocacy Committee has been completed on her part and is waiting for the Transactions Department to review it. Caroline Jackson is working on the Intellectual Property document.

At 8:45 a.m., Nicole King recommended the board go into Executive Session under Alabama State Code 36-25-A7 to discuss matters that are likely to be litigated.

Operational Items Requiring Board Approval

At 9:42 a.m., the Executive Session ended and resulted in two recommendations. Kimberly Richardson recommended the Board permanently remove the BPL Director and Board president from their abilities to serve as officers of JCLC, the Library Foundation, and Friends of the Library. Georgia Morgan Blair moved approval and Gwendolyn Amamoo seconded the motion. The motion was approved with Judge Scott Vowell opposed.

Kimberly Richardson recommended as of April 28, 2016, the Library Board would assign any and all authority for financial transaction in regards to BPL to Deputy Director Sandi Lee pending personnel review process not to exceed 45 days. Dora Sims moved approval and Gwendolyn Amamoo seconded the motion. The motion was approved with two opposed, Judge Scott Vowell and Patty A. Pilkerton.

Committee Reports

Advocacy Committee

Finance Committee

Long-Range Planning Committee

Policy Committee

Unfinished Business

There was no unfinished business.

New Business

Director's Report

Comments made at Board meeting by library director

Overview of Activities for this Period

Other Activities Around Our System for this Period

In this portion of our report, Deputy Director Sandra Vick Lee has given special focus to the variety of partnership our branch and department staff are engaged in carrying out. Please review and let us know if you have questions.

Libraries Visited/Meetings Attended/Community Events During This Period

This listing basically covers my involvement in activities during this period. Deputy Director Sandra Vick Lee is also involved in a number of activities that she reports to me and those items are used for her evaluation.

Update of Library Services

Facilities Management

Accomplishment o Objectives Set Forth in Strategic Plan

Board Member's Comments

Next Board Meeting is May 26, 2016

Submitted By

Mary McCann, Senior Secretary