Birmingham Public Library Board Minutes


August 27, 2015

8:30 a.m.

North Birmingham Regional Library

Meeting Called By

Kimberly Richardson, President

Type of Meeting

Regular Board Meeting


Trustees: Kimberly Richardson, President; Gwendolyn R. Amamoo, Vice-President; Georgia Morgan Blair, Patty A. Pilkerton, Dora Sims, Judge Scott Vowell, Katrina Watson, Gwendolyn B. Guster Welch
Library Board Member Not Present: Samuel Rumore
Advisory Member Not Present: Dr. Regina Ammon
Staff Members Present:Angela Fisher Hall, Director; Danny Dorroh, Business Office Manager; Olivia Alison, Director of Development; Janine Langston, Western Region Coordinator; Debra Platt, BPL Retiree; Jean Shanks, Wylam Branch Manager; Edith Major, Personnel Officer; Sandra Crawley, Northern Region Coordinator; Shekera Stanley, North Birmingham Library, Tamiko Nixon, North Birmingham Library; Jennifer Neely, Administrative Assistant
Others Present: Nicole King, City Attorney; Kayla Lawrence, City Attorney; John Wood, CMH Architects, Inc.; Billy Morace, Jr. CMH Architects, Inc.; Mike Myers, City Architect; Ernest McGlothan, Steel City Service, Inc.; Virginia Guthrie BPL Retiree

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Nicole King, City Attorney

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E-mail sent to BPL staff on Tuesday, August 18

Good afternoon BPL Family! I hope this rainy Tuesday has gone well for all of you. On yesterday, I had a late afternoon meeting. Afterwards, I decided to visit three of our libraries. It was very damp and dreary outside; however, when I entered our libraries, they were filled with warmth, excitement, and happy, smiling faces--staff were engaged and library patrons were busy collecting items to check out, using the computers, and reading. I came back to Central feeling much better than when I left. All of you have a very positive impact on the lives you touch every day and I hope that you will always remember this.

A comment card came across my desk recently and I want to share the content with you (I will not give the name of the patron).

7/⁠30/⁠2015 "Mrs. Drake and Ms. Jolly: I was a young child growing up in Pratt City. I struggled with reading and speaking. Ms. Drake took the time to teach me how to read. She also taught me how to research and use the dictionary. Because of this effort and love, I was encouraged to better myself to become a productive person in the community. I am a college graduate now with a degree in engineering. I give back to at risk youth now because of what Ms. Jolly and Ms. Drake did for me. Pratt City Branch has endured through bad weather and all other circumstances. I am 40 years old now, and to see the same powerful faces of influence is more that I could imagine. From the bottom of my heart--Thank You!!"

This is a powerful testament to how we, as library staff, can change lives and fill rainy days with sunshine.

Have a great evening. See you tomorrow.


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Angela Fisher Hall, Secretary