Birmingham Public Library Board Minutes


July 28, 2011

8:30 a.m.

Central Library Boardroom

Meeting Called By

Gwendolyn B. Guster Welch, President

Type of Meeting

Regular Board Meeting


Trustees: Gwendolyn B. Guster Welch, President; Dora Sims, Vice-President, Nell Allen, Gwendolyn R. Amamoo, Georgia Morgan Blair, Reverend Anthony Johnson, Judge Shanta' Owens, Patricia Rumore, Samuel Rumore, Katrina Watson
Trustees Not Present: Judge Scott Vowell
Staff: Irene S. Blalock, Director; Angela F. Hall, Associate Director; Edith Major, Personnel Officer; Danny Dorroh, Business Manager; Charla Draper, Public Relations Department Head; Phillip Willingham, IT Coordinator; Marguerite Scott, Coordinator; Sandi Lee, Coordinator; Marti Ball, Ingelnook Branch Head; Felita Yarbrough, East Lake Branch Head; Deborah Drake Blackmon, East Ensley/Pratt City Branch Head
Others Present: Carolyn Johnson, Mayor's Office; Fred Fullerton, City Attorney; Nicole King, City Attorney

Call To Order


Introduction of New Staff Members

Senator Linda Coleman

Committee Reports

Finance Committee

Public Relations Committee

Director's Report

Finance and Budget Update


Director's Activities


Gifts and Grants Received

Current and Upcoming Events



Submitted By

Irene S. Blalock, Secretary