Birmingham Public Library Board Minutes


January 15, 2009

8:30 a.m.

Central Library Boardroom

Meeting Called By

Gwendolyn B. Welch, President

Type of Meeting

Executive Board Meeting


Trustees: Gwendolyn B. Welch, President; Nell Allen, Vice-President; Judge Shanta' Craig-Owens, Parliamentarian
Members: Lillie M. H. Fincher, E. Bryding Adams, Thomas J. Adams, Dora U. Sims, Jimmie S. Williams, Mrs. Gwendolyn Amamoo
Staff: Pamela O. Lyons, Interim Director; Irene S. Blalock, Associate Director
Others Present: Teta Spencer, Mayor's Office; Hannah Wolfson, Birmingham News

Call To Order

Interim Director's Report



Submitted By

Pamela O. Lyons, Interim Director